Literally, it means too great or extreme to be expressed in words. But INEFFABLE is so much more than that. In the 8th grade, I dove into the world of sneakers and fashion. I grew tired of rocking the same Polo shirts and Jordan sneakers as every other kid in my school, so I did something about it. Originally pushing the brand under ICC (Ineffable Clothing Company), I produced a twelve shirt run of a design I sold to my classmates. A year later, my first official collection was released.

Now, INEFFABLE releases bi-annual collections both online and in a handful of independent retailers from around the globe. As a brand, INEFFABLE strives for each piece to be just that-- ineffable and free from labels. More importantly, I want to create a sense of community for the brand's supporters--as humans, we are all ineffable. When someone asks, “where’s that shirt from?” I can say "It's INEFFABLE." It's a double entendre. I even got it tatted on me.

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