Filles A Papa

From Belgium With Love : FILLES A PAPA embodies these last « Enfants Terribles » of belgian fashion. The cult label was launched in 2010 by sisters Carol and Sarah Piron. It is not an easy task defining the signature style of FILLES A PAPA, for that the label has, during the few years since its birth into the fashion industry, offered a range of collections that are vastly different in style, but equally rebellious and eye catching. FILLES A PAPA is an attitude, a deliberate rebellious streak. The brand naturally reveals its outsider spirit and desire to shatter the codes. Every piece is positioned to counterbalance the clash of universes and the union of opposing messages.

Appropriately named (FILLES A PAPA literally means ‘Daddy’s Girls’), the label’s distinctive but daring designs are not every heiress’ cup of tea, thanks to its offbeat mood and a perfectly calibrated fit with the here and now.

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